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Victims of Ecowest Renovations Story And Media Law

I saw on the news today about a story in regards to a company formerly known as Ecowest Renovations. From what I heard from Global News BC the company had filed for bankruptcy which left a lot of customers with incomplete work. Ultimately, making them lose a lot of money. Apparently since then the owner of the company named Sean Camp has opened up a new company called Truridge Exteriors.

Now a lot of people have banded together it seems in the form of social media in an attempt to share their experiences about the company. From what I see there are two Facebook groups called Eco west victims which you can visit at https://www.facebook.com/ecowestvictims and Truridge Exteriors – The Truth which you can see at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Truridge-Exteriors-The-Truth/280447445485375

The part that stuck out to me was how in the report it states that apparently at least two people that are part of the group, named Mitch Selman and Amanda Dougan, are being threatened with lawsuits if they don’t take the page down. In the news report though it seemed like they were staying firm regardless of these threats.

I don’t know all the details of course, but it was inspiring to hear that other people try to use social media in these scenarios as well. The legal system is one reason that holds me back from fully being able to tell my story for example which in many ways is silly. Although, my scenario is a little different where because it went through a court case I can share all of the documents and what was said in court. However, to my knowledge I am still gagged from discussing about the inner workings which is a pain.

Like for this story, as an outsider I would be highly interested in hearing the facts in an openly public manner. None of this potential intimidation by lawyers or the cost of the court system that can potentially stop people from uncovering the truth. Kudos to you guys for trying to get your story out there and hopefully one way or another all the facts will be thrown out for the public to make an informed and factual decision on the matter.

Fixing BC’s Justice System With Regular People

I bumped into this video on Youtube where a person was simply talking about ideas on how the justice system can be changed for the better in his views in an effort to reduce things like the extraordinary delays in processing cases. For the most part, he was talking about how you shouldn’t need to be say a lawyer or a judge to help judge a case, so to speak.

He talked about this interesting example in a village where there was a mini “court” that consisted mainly of people in the community. Essentially, both sides were able to state their case and afterwards literally anyone in the community that had something to say or ask about it would. Apparently the whole process took like a day only and a resolution was met. You can see the video here:

While that may sound stupid to a lot of people, I was thinking as in many ways it’s no different than having a designated “jury” except in this scenario that “jury” is opened to everyone that is interested in the issue. I guess another debatable point that was mentioned would be is the only real way to fix the system is to allow people other than lawyers to be say the decision maker? With my limited knowledge of the current system for example, the only way a person can be a “judge” is if they have been a lawyer and are voted amongst people who are in the industry. That would make perfect sense on why it feels like the whole process was built for lawyers and judges as it essentially is.

I was even thinking before with my court case, imagine if it was as simple as both parties are in a designated room where the whole thing is live streamed for everyone in the community to judge and question. Maybe it’s just me too, but that sounds a heck of a lot cheaper even for archiving purposes rather than an individual having to pay like $800+ dollars for a “transcript.” Makes it more accessible too if say there was a publically funded site where anyone and everyone can have the ease of accessing the cases to reference.

Like now for example, there is no way an average individual is going to pay like $800 to catch up on the latest cases in town so that they can evaluate if the system is working or not per se. In my view too, that is one of the biggest reasons on why it doesn’t seem like anything gets fixed or changed as people simply don’t have the firsthand knowledge of what is really happening in those court rooms other than the sensational stories that get published in the media. Overall though, I agree with the notion that more “regular” people are needed to fix this situation.